Our Story

White Silk Wellness was founded by Susan Seabrook in 2016, however the foundation of Susan’s journey started in 2000 when she began working in the fitness industry. While raising children she learned how important it was to take care of your body and in 2011 she began to learn the importance of caring for your inner world. From this grew a passion for overall wellness and a fascination with how our inner worlds impact our outer ones.

In 2016 she started training to become a counsellor, graduating in 2019; and in 2020 gained her diploma in acupressure. Along the way she tapped into her own unprocessed trauma and worked with a trauma counsellor to integrate, heal and repair these past experiences; she now applies many of the techniques she learned here with her clients.

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Today, Susan continues to work as a fitness instructor on BC’s Sunshine Coast, and has opened a cozy treatment room in her home in Davis Bay where the mind, body and spirit are held with loving energy and deep respect.

Our Services

White Silk Wellness is based on the Sunshine Coast, in BC, Canada, however we are always willing to coordinate with clients for online and phone sessions when possible. We are also an lgbtqa+ inclusive space.

Counselling and Life Coaching

Susan graduated with a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling from Clearmind International in 2019. She has since added to her knowledge by taking an array of spiritual and non-spiritual workshops and courses, including, but not limited to:

  • Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
  • Women's Wisdom
  • Activated Woman
  • Peter Levine's:
    • Trauma and Memory
    • Master Trauma Class
  • How to Work with the Patterns that Sustain Depression
  • Working with the Pain of Abandonment
  • Trauma in Relationships

Susan believes that effective counselling involves the use of many different skills and techniques and her style most notably includes somatic therapy, which works with the nervous system and is especially helpful in releasing energy and trauma from past experiences, and client led applications of techniques for changing your life.

Susan also believes that good counselling doesn't end in the therapy room, and that sometimes life's problems aren't big enough for counselling, but you still need help. Learning to communicate with the people in your life, learning how to manage stressful situations, learning how to manage your time more efficiently, making life decisions. Susan can also offer assistance with these smaller life challenges as a life coach.

White Tantra Massage

White Tantra is both a type of massage and a Spiritual practice with many potential benefits. It moves sexual energy throughout the body and into the upper chakra system, and can activate your heart and allow you to connect with your higher self.

White Tantra also stirs up the hormone oxytocin, which humans require to feel connected to love. This massage is touch therapy, opening your body and mind to healing any judgements you have related to sex, helping to begin the repair process, if you have endured any unpleasant life experiences.

The expected physical benefits of receiving a massage are also there. White Tantra massage involves using a combination of gentle, tender and firm pressure, resulting in multiple benefits to the receiver.

A level of maturity is required, and a short questionnaire and interview are required in order to make sure we are both comfortable with one another, and our goals are aligned.

Susan has taken several courses and workshops in Tanta massage, including but not limited to:


Susan earned her diploma in Acupressure in 2020 with Fusion Acupressure: Body Mind Spirit Integration. There she learned a unique blend of Acupressure, The Meridian System, Energy Healing, and Life Coaching Techniques, cumulating in a style in which pressure points are activated with the deliberate intention to move energy, clear blocks and support healing.

Our Prices

At White Silk Wellness we firmly believe that getting the help you need should be accessible, which is why you will find our prices are far lower than is the usual industry standard. We also believe that putting a time limit on our services is often not in the best interest of our clients. In order to allow for a smooth and comfortable completion of sessions, length may vary slightly each time.

Price Per Session



I was blessed to receive acupressure treatments from Susan at White Silk Wellness and I left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. At each stage of the treatment Susan showed the utmost care and was a wonderful listener. And she knew what my body needed before I did! This is a wonderful healing experience that benefits the body, mind and soul. ❤


I had never experienced full body acupressure before White Silk Wellness and can I just say, Wow! Susan's soft and welcoming treatment room along with her gentle and inviting demeanor immediately relaxed me and I found myself feeling as though I stepped out of every day life and into a hidden healing oasis!

I was curious about the practice and asked questions about pressure points and Susan patiently took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. Not only have I benefitted physically from the acupressure but I've also learned more about my body which has given me a deeper understanding of my self. I leave my treatments feeling like I'm walking on clouds and I cant wait for my next session!